About Us


Community HealthCare Solutions (CHS), registered in 2014, is a community based non- profit organization that is working with youth within communities to impact positive behavioural change by providing psycho-social support services, coordinating ongoing community engagement, and facilitating effective partnerships. This is done to reduce the burden of communicable diseases and promote gender equity.


According to psychosocial theories, development is a product of the ongoing interactions between individuals and their social environments. The psychosocial support approach looks at individuals in the context of the combined influence that psychological factors and the surrounding social environment have on their physical and mental wellness and their ability to function. [1]

Our values


Collaborated efforts to achieve a common goal. Different people using their skills to support and overcome each other’s weaknesses.


Liable, answerable, obedient execution of tasks at all levels


Providing imaginative, innovative, and resourceful solutions to challenges.


Enthusiastic but sensible love and devotion.

Our Approach

We use football as an interactive, engaging and fun way to provide psychosocial life skills to youth within their communities.

We also teach arts and crafts to youth and their care givers as an income generating project to bring back self-love and dignity in circumstances that are otherwise hopeless.

We partner with communities, schools, other community-based organizations and government institutions to find effective solutions that will lead to better life for all. 

Our Vision

Supporting safer and healthier communities.

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